45 RPM Adapters

Adapters through the ages

Adapters through the ages

Sticking with all things at 45 revolutions per minute. We’ve found some great industrial design in the form of the spindle adapters which would have to be inserted into the centre of older 45 records. The adapter could be a small solid circle that fits onto the bottom of the spindle or a larger adapter could fit over the entire spindle, allowing a stack of 45s to be played.

45 Spider

45 Spider

The RCA Corporation developed a plastic insert known as a “spider” which has become an iconic symbol for music enthusiasts. The snap-in inserts allowed 45 rpm records to be played on 33 1/3 rpm record player. Invented by Thomas Hutchinson on commission from RCA, its unclear how many were made but in the mid 1960s tens of millions were being sold every year.

White vinyl

White vinyl

The guys over at Claremont 56 (a label dedicated to creating beautiful music) have created a very special wooden record adapter which comes with its own 7″ (in case you don’t have any of your own to use it with). It’s an exclusive release from downtempo disco stalwarts Smith & Mudd and wont be available anywhere else. It’s housed in a drawstring linen bag and only 100 are being made – so move fast if you want one.

45 Spider

Claremont 56

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    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  4. Charlie says:

    My question is why were the holes on 45′s so large to begin with? Why didn’t they just have the same hole as on 33-1/3s?

  5. Simon Strutt says:

    A great post. There is a speacial luxury brand range of 7″ adapters, check the website…


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