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Friday, March 21st, 2014

There are a select few people who have become synonymous with Ibiza; Loco Dice is one of those people. The island has been his summer home for a decade and a half and last season he launched his highly successful Used + Abused residency. On an island renowned for people pushing for more year on year, constantly aiming for the ‘bigger’, or the ‘better’ it is very rare to see an artist take a step back. Last week Loco Dice had this to say -

“I’d like to announce that after 15 amazing years with Ibiza as my summer base, and an amazing USED + ABUSED season, it’s time to put in work on a few special projects (new music!!!), and get inspired from new places and new experiences along the way.

But no summer is complete without a visit to the island! I’ll be there just one time only to perform and celebrate my birthday with friends on Sunday August 10th at We Love Sundays At Space.

I’ll see you all on the Isla Blanca.”

On Sunday 10th August we are very proud to present Loco Dice’s Birthday Party with an all star line up made up of a selection of his friends taking over Space’s 5 rooms from start to finish. The full line-up will be announced in the coming weeks but use your imagination and you’re probably not far off. If you were Loco Dice who would you invite to play at your birthday party?!

Early bird tickets for this event have already sold out, second release tickets are available here.

We Love… Sundays At Space, We Love… Loco Dice!

Gorgon City

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

The resurgence of dance floor designed music in the UK charts is well documented. Cross over acts like Disclosure, Rudimental and Duke Dumont have shown that popular music doesn’t necessarily have to be pop music anymore. Another act keen to champion this notion is Gorgon City. The Black Butter Records duo have begun to flex their crossover potential with singles Real ft Yasmin and Intentions ft Clean Bandit both achieving Record Of The Week on Radio 1, the former going on to sell over 47,000 copies in the UK. January 20th sees the release of their next single Ready For Your Love ft MNEK which Zane Lowe heralded as the ‘Hottest Record In The World’ on his show this week. You can listen to the record as cut from the show below and pre-order it here.

On November 20th Gorgon City make their We Love debut joining We Love familia Groove Armada, James Zabiela and Marc Roberts for the second of our shows at Leeds’ new super club Control. Last month we enlisted 2mandjs, Cassius, Greg Wilson and The Revenge to bring the noise and they certainly delivered. Check the photo album here to get and idea of what went on. We’re expecting more of the same for this event and along with the hype of perennial favourites Groove Armada and James Zabiela we can’t wait to see what Gorgon City have to offer first hand. For more info about the event and the last remaining tickets head here.

We Love… Ibiza Spotlight – Guest Blog

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Words by Lydia Laws - Ibiza Spotlight

Team Spotlight at We Love...

I’m honoured to have been asked to write a guest blog, rounding up We Love…’s season through the eyes of Spotlight.

As a complete Ibiza Virgin who ultimately just threw myself in at the deep end, working for Ibiza Spotlight writing about music and Ibiza for the season (I know, what a chore right?), I’ve discovered that everything on the island is like waves in the Ibiza sea; you catch a great swell and it carries you through on the surface, then you face a storm from time to time. It always seemed to me however, that even in this ‘Year of Change’ and tumultuous clubbing terrain; this party and its reputation have seen nothing but smooth sailing. I found myself very much settling into a new Sunday night tradition, forgoing the Sunday roast for a substantially more filling and delicious experience (plus no washing up, always a win) of a constantly evolving diverse and eclectic array of acts including James Zabiela, Joris Voorn, Deetron, Bicep, Ian Blevins, Paul Woolford, and of course the huge Underworld (live) and Disclosure (live) to name but a few.

With 5 arenas in Space and around 25 artists and acts you find yourself spoilt for choice, but thanks to the We Love… team’s careful cultivation of set times you can confidently skip to and fro from each room and soak up as much music as physically possible.

Dixon smashing the terrace at the Innervisions Showcase

Time to be a little more specific. There are two We Love… nights that were so huge to me, they’ll probably stay up there in my Top 10 Nights in History (I’m partial to ‘Top Tens’, just go with it). They are the Innervisions Takeover on the Terrace, and the We Love… Closing. Pretty much every DJ I have interviewed for Spotlight has raved about Space’s Terrace being one of the best venues to play, and when one witnesses nights like the Innervisions takeover I can completely see why. The space is intimate, the tunes are huge and the crowd is made up of like-minded people who know their stuff. I love catching the eye of another raver also grinning profusely when one of my favourite tracks is dropped. Innervisions’ Dixon’s set on the Terrace was mind-blowing, and I can happily admit to having one of those moments of Dancefloor Clarity- I’m in Ibiza, surrounded by the cream of the island crop and I’m supporting a long-running forward-thinking night run by a fantastic team brimming with musical integrity. Life can’t really get much better can it? And with regards to the closing party, my night consisted of techno, disco, funk, soul, magic card tricks, dancing with Craig Charles and the We Love… team. Enough said!

Aslan. No Sorry! James Zabiela

And the main reason we love, er, We Love…? I think I can speak for all of Team Spotlight when I say that they were one of the first parties to take risks and have such a huge range of musical styles and names under one roof. They’ve also continued to care so much about the musical quality of their nights, supporting fresh and new up-and-comers and also asking back the artists who have constantly impressed this season, such as Zabiela. This British artist and producer is a real jewel in the We Love… crown (also winning my vote for Best DJ Hair, just check out those blond locks…) brings brilliant creativity and energy to the Discoteca every time he plays.

So the season has now finished, and has flown over faster than I thought even possible. From all of us at Spotlight, thanks We Love… for being such an integral part of a successful unforgettable summer!

We Love… Kyle the PR

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Behind the glamourous exterior of the We Love... night is a team of hard working individuals who work around the clock to make each Sunday run smoothly. With a club capacity of 7000 and an average of 25 artists every Sunday, this is no logistical walk in the park. From those in the office, the production team at Space, the drivers and the bar staff, to the guys who work on the door, look after the artists and book all the flights. One team who are at the coalface are our enthusiastic PR team who walk the mean streets encouraging thousands of clubbers to come join us every Sunday. But what does the job really entail? We spoke to our Welsh moustached unmistakable PR Kyle and asked him to dish the dirt and pull together a collection of photos to describe his summer to one and all…

It was the Twitter post about the We Love... Season Passes that really kicked off my season

So what makes a good PR, Kyle?

Be yourself. Always treat and speak to people how you’d like to be spoken to. Sounds boring but knowledge is power – know your night, know your DJs, just don’t try and blag it as you can come unstuck and it kinda can make you look like you don’t know what you are doing (unless you are me, then just wing it every time). Be a team player cos these people are you’re family and you don’t want to let them down. Just be and have fun!

And what would you say is the best part of the job?

For me I couldn’t put my finger on one thing. So here’s a few things.

The different people you meet everyday from international DJs to the cleaners at Space. Everyone has a story.

The crowd….when you stand at the DJ booth and you look out at the crowd and they are going crazy and knowing you have helped with that is a great feeling!

The freebies haha from drink tokens to tee shirts and vests – everything is better when it’s free.

Being part of the We Love… family and not just being made to feel like you are number but part of a team. From the very top to the lowly bottom (what lowly bottom??) everyone is made to feel part of the family.

What makes a We Love… PR different from the rest?

Facial hair and lots of it!! From Beards to moustaches we know how to rock it!! But again knowing you are part of the We Love… family makes you want to work harder and be better than any other PR working for any other night out there. So big ups to Sarah, Mark, Darren, Andy, Leena, Ryan and Brydie and anyone else involved with We Love… for making this year’s family unforgettable and then last but certainly not least the now (in)famous yellow smiley tees….what can be said about these now iconic tees? Nothing because they fucking rule!!!!

What’s the funniest thing that happened to you on the job this season?

Getting Jamie’s (one of the funniest guys I have had the pleasure working with) nickname not only to stick but also to be sociably acceptable. That nickname, I hear you ask, is ‘Rapey Jamie’. May not sound funny to you but trust me that has caused many the giggle in and around the We Love… work place.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to be a We Love… PR?

Grow a beard or moustache (this applies to both sexes), get tattoos, be prepared for some outrageous banter, love the We Love… brand, be prepared to work with me! But on a serious note be yourself, be you, be the best darn you that you can be!! The guys will see through any fakeness. Be prepared to go that extra mile, be nice, smile, know your music, know your DJs, be prepared to work for the greatest party on the island….

The watch! Everywhere I wore it people wanted it. Nearly as famous as the smiley tee!

The team's smiley tees and smiley balloon making every other PR team jealous as a mother licker!!

Getting pretend interviewed for Rinse FM with Doorly and Stiggy

Team photo and probably the best looking team on the island

Being very drunk and not having any paper to write an apology so chalk and a door had to do

Our first team meal. Ah the memories!

Rocking my Prince tee from my bro and fellow We Love... hustler Russell from Wasted Heroes

Processing the first run of the We Love... season passes

See you later, Ibiza. (Then I missed my flight)

We Love… Just Jack

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

On 15th September we invited Bristol promoters and all round good eggs Just Jack to We Love… to take over the terrace. In a blaze of feathers, sequins, glitter and capes, the lads had the happy We Love… clubbers eating out of the palms of their hands as they made the room their own.

Never ones to shy away from the centre of attention, the Bristol based crew started proceedings over at Sands where they were celebrating Rag Satguru’s (Eats Everything’s Manager) birthday, with Mr Eats gracing the decks alongside DJ Die and Justin Martin. As they wound things up, they made the short journey across the road to We Love… where already in a festive mood, they continued the party in pure Bristol style. Here is their photographic tale of the day/night/day.

Getting some tunes ready for the big night, some of these jams are red hot so we always wear suitable eye-wear.

Tunes ready, belly grumbling - time for a bit of lunch… luckily its Rag's birthday meal at Sands, Playa d'en Bossa.

Birthday love.

The Edible party getting started with Dj Die and Eats Everything at Sands. Justin Martin and others take over in a bit.

Rag enjoying his birthday

To the club! Jozif getting into the mood as he warms up with Ryan O Gorman

Midnight - time for Just Jack residents Tom & Dan to step up to the decks

Things must be going well… Tom Rio's got his cape on!

Some funny looking chaps in the extended Just Jack entourage. Jethro looks weirdly like Ben Affleck

Bristol Bristol Bristol! Eats Everything turns up after his party at Sands finishes

Tom and Dan are about to finish up, Kevin Saunderson rocks up and gets suitably harassed by Jethro pre set

Rob James giving Rag some birthday love!

It's fair to say that we're pretty crap at taking photos… but more importantly it's also fair to say that We Love... Sundays at SPACE!

We Love… Moon Boots

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

This Sunday, September 8th, Little Boots is taking over El Salon with the Chicago born Nu Disco artist, Moon Boots and me, Kitt Proudfoot.  Making new friends is a big part of the We Love… ethos. So I thought why not get a head start? I called Moon Boots for a little Skype session whilst he was taking advantage of some much needed AC in his blazing hot Los Angeles apartment.

We discussed the French Express label family, perfect Berlin warehouse parties and that Bondax remix.

KP:- Where are you at right now?
MB:- I am in Los Angeles at the moment. It’s such a huge city so it has everything musically. From as commercial as it gets to the very underground stuff. I went to my first LA warehouse party last night, but beforehand we went to this crazy speakeasy that was hidden inside another bar, then on to a bar on Skid Row. Then a British Pub where we saw Morrissey hanging out with Russell Brand and Noel Gallagher!

KP:- They called me but I had to work. You have a crazy schedule coming up!
MB:- It has steadily snowballed. There are peaks and valleys, you get a month off now and again which is a good thing as you do need that time to catch up on making music. I just finished seven shows in nine days, yesterday and today are the first days I have had to write music in a couple of weeks so I was really excited.

KP:- You give so much of your music away for free on Soundcloud? Do you feel this has helped grow your fanbase?
MB:- Yeah of course, it’s been part of the label’s philosophy since the beginning. On a mundane level, it’s helped us avoid copyright issues, but I also think it’s endeared us to fans. They know they’re getting high-quality free music from us with no strings attached.

KP:- How did the relationship with French Express develop?
MB:- It is a very small group. Some people think there are employees but there never have been. Perseus runs the label and discovered us from all these far-flung places. I was in Chicago, Isaac (Tichauer) was in Australia and now we live together in Berlin, Jonas Rathsman in Sweden, Chris Malinchak is from Jersey. I had actually met Leon (Perseus) in person in Dallas but mainly we were just communicating over Skype at the beginning.

KP:- It has such a common musical thread. It all sounds like you are working in the same studio!
MB:- That is what we want. I think each of us sounds very different and has our own personality, but collectively we’ve managed to have an aesthetic, and a lot of that has to do with Perseus’ vision for the label.

KP:- A lot of people over the UK went a bit wild for your Bondax remix? Any more plans to work with those guys? How did that one come about?
MB:- That one came about very last minute. They hit me up and asked me if I could remix it in seven days. Which isn’t how I usually work, there were a lot of sleepless nights that week. Generally I would prefer to work with different vocalists rather than another producer but sometimes it can be fun. You can reach across the aisle a little bit.

KP:- It was Little Boots who asked for you especially for our El Salon takeover at We Love this Sunday. How do you know each other?
MB:- I first got in touch with Little Boots after she asked me to do a remix for her and then we got to hang out when her band came to play in Chicago.

KP:- Have you visited Ibiza before?
MB:- This will be my first time. Can’t wait!

KP:- Who are your musical inspirations, this can be old school or even who is influencing you now?
MB:- I always have a tough time with this question. At the moment I really respect what TEED is doing. But looking back I do often think of Patrick Adams with that Gospel Disco sound. Also Mauro Malavasi, the producer of Change, he created such lush music. I also love Pete Rock, the kind of sounds he made had a big impact on me growing up.

KP:- What is your idea of a perfect party?
MB:- A few weeks ago I saw Move D and everything he played I either knew and was just saying ‘I need that track’. I’d have to rate that one pretty highly. The most important things, always, are having a great sound system and an open-minded crowd.

As a gift to you, the crew have put together this splendid set to get you in the mood for Sunday. Expect this and so much more.

You can catch Moon Boots alongside Little Boots, Kitt Proudfoot (old time friend of We Love… and guest writer on this article) and Dief & Baker in El Salon this Sunday 8th September

We Love… Dusky – A Photo Diary

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

As newcomers to We Love.. this year, Dusky have made quite an impression on not only the crowds they have wowed at their 3 shows for us this summer, but also upon Team We Love. From the word go, Nick and Alfie have found themselves embraced whole-heartedly by the We Love… family and are now a full blown part of the posse. Their sets both on the terrace and in the gaping depths of the Discoteca have sealed their We Love… fanbase both on the dancefloor and off. The words ‘going off’ have been synonymous with the Dusky boy’s performances.

Having spent hours with them at the club and at a couple of after-parties putting the world to rights, we decided that they would be the perfect candidates for our now infamous disposable camera photo diary. Not only would we be able to get the perspective of both Alfie (tall) and Nick (VERY tall), we also recognise that these boys are up for a bit of fun. So here is their interpretation of Sunday 18th August.

Arriving at the We Love... Space office

Arriving at Space, the boys enjoy the mandatory first beer with the We Love… team in our Sunday onsite office.

Mid-set madness

This ‘hands in the air moment’ was one of many during the Dusky lad’s set

Management on hand at all times

Dusky’s manager Allan and his fiancé Naomi get fully into the swing of things

The price of fame!

Nick is mobbed by the We Love… PR team


The omnipresent Mouj (James Zabiela’s Born Electric Label Partner) is found lurking behind the booth…

Also spotted...

Also found on Dusky’s travels, Luca C (one half of Hot Creation’s Infinity Ink with Ali Love) and Tom Thorpe (one half of PBR Streetgang with Bonar Bradberry). Do we smell a new collaboration coming up?

The view from the booth

Closing the terrace that night were the mighty Bicep. Dusky get the perfect view of the crowd (and Biceps backs!) from in the booth.

Happy Bicep

Matt Bicep looks pretty chuffed with himself as the night draws to a close.

A lovely Dusky survivors photo

At the end of the evening, the Dusky team strike a pose along with Team We Love’s own Big L.

Look out for our next instalment of the photo diary coming soon…

We Love… SinStar

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

On Sunday 25th August, SinStar clothing will make their mark in Ibiza as the brand hosts an exclusive rooftop party in partnership with us at We Love…Sundays at Space.

Over the past fifteen years we have firmly established ourselves as the musical vanguards of Ibiza’s aural landscape; offering the most dynamic and diverse sounds across the spectrum of dance at the temple of clubbing.

Brought together by our love of music and enjoy life to the max attitude, SinStar and We Love… come together this August bank holiday for a unique, one-off event followed by sets from Tiga, James Zabiela, DJ Sneak and loads more.

The night will kick off with a fashion show, showcasing the new high summer ‘Patriot’ collection, will open the evening on the Premier Etage open-air roof terrace, before launching into the We Love… club night. The ‘Patriot’ collection, inspired by the brand’s rock rebellion attitude, is a mash up between British and American influences. Tartan leggings, ripped tees, distressed denim waistcoats are juxtaposed with American flag print shorts and summary floral vest tops.

SinStar will also be hosting a model search ahead of the fashion show to find ten of the White Isle’s most beautiful clubbers, aged 18 years and over, to take to the catwalk. All participating models will be gifted with product from the ‘Patriot’ collection, VIP Space guestlist, exclusive SinStar/We Love goody bags and some drinks.

So prepare to party this summer at We Love… Space Ibiza, SinStar style!

We Love… Santos Ibiza Coast Suites

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

A hotel fit for the saints

Santos Ibiza Coast Suites are the latest addition to the hugely popular beach-front hotels, bars and restaurants in Playa d’en Bossa – the resort that Space calls home. In order to stand out in this increasingly popular field, Santos have created the perfect blend of soothing pastel colour schemes, poolside parties and incredible service. Although situated just metres from the bustling strip, the hotel has achieved an ambience of blissed-out relaxation which makes you feel a million miles away from the rabble whilst having all the facilities on your doorstep.

What a view!

Each of the thirty eight rooms is fully equipped with free wifi, air conditioning, plasma TV and ipod speakers guaranteeing a truly comfortable stay. The pool boasts luxurious furnishings which although modern, have touches of traditional Ibiza to complement the plush surround.

Not a bad spot for resting your dancing feet

After five o’clock, the pool’s Funktion-One soundsystem kicks in and the evening parties continue until midnight getting you right in the mood for your night at We Love…

Relax in style

This year We Love… have joined forces with Santos in our Z-card competition. If you are reading this then you must have picked up our fold out card from Ibiza Airport and are thinking of entering our competition. Well what’s stopping you? Especially now you’ve seen where the lucky winner will be staying…

Click here to be in with a chance

As dusk falls, head to We Love... Space

We Love… Midland’s Photos

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Harry Midland is a jack of all trades. As a qualified ski instructor, life guard, Swahili speaker, choir singer, historian and, as rumour would have it, the first person to ever complete the Rubik’s cube, his production and DJing prowess are no surprise to us here at We Love… HQ at all.

And as another string to his massive bow, Harry has a great eye for photography. Of late, he has taken to carrying a disposable camera about his person to capture moments in a pure analogue form and our Opening Fiesta was no different. Here is his unique take on the memorable evening…


A roast in the sun, renegades

Post lunch pudding hype


A weak effort from messers Zabiela and Sharma in the inaugural game of Hide and Seek


You ain't from round here, are you kid?

The Garden Festival - Lads on tour

Black T-Shirt posse

After party crisis meeting

You can catch Midland playing with us again on the 4th August 2013