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In just a few short years Jaymo & Andy George have gone from bedroom DJs to playing at some of the biggest and best venues, parties and festivals around the world. Since meeting in 2008 they have established one of the UK’s most recognisable music brands Moda, hosted parties across the globe championing the finest cutting-edge sounds and innovative artists, launched two record labels, and secured residencies with BBC Radio 1 and of course We Love Space. This year Jaymo & Andy have announced they will be expanding their empire further with a podcast series, dedicated to the best in forward thinking music. We are very happy that they have chosen us to host their first edition.

We caught up with the wonder kids for a quick Q&A as we get ready to welcome them back for a 6 date residency on the Sunset Terrace this season.

With a record label, club nights and radio show to manage, you must be very busy. What inspired you to launch a podcast series as well, and what can we expect from it?

Whilst we love doing radio shows, the medium lends itself to certain types of songs and tracks – maybe stuff that really needs to be in the context of a mix to make sense. Some songs are instant – but they are amazing and need championing nevertheless… The latest 10 minute Weatherall experience, for example, is quite probably something everyone needs to hear – but it doesn’t necessarily translate on radio, whereas it will on the podcast. That said there will be lots of exclusive new music too, as well as edits of killer tracks from years gone by.

We’re thrilled you’ve chosen We Love… for the first edition, how are you feeling about the season ahead?

Our gigs there last year were just amazing… We’re basically counting down the minutes till the Opening Party now! Having come to We Love as clubbers for years, we spend a lot of time preparing the right records, thinking about who else is DJing etc. A lot of people will have arrived the day before and We Love will be their first big session. The closing set on the Sunset Terrace literally sets them up for the rest of the We Love experience – get it wrong and you could ruin their entire night, get it right and it’ll be one of the highlights. We kinda like putting pressure on ourselves!

How did you feel the first time you played on the Sunset Terrace at Space? Any special moments you can share with us?

The whole thing was one big moment! We’d booked Greg Wilson to headline, so warming things up for him was a massive honour. He paved the way for people like us, it was an honour to meet him, let alone DJ with him. We lived in Ibiza for the previous season, so we spent a lot of time on the Space Terrace. It was a good job we did because it enabled us to work out what we’d do in that space and made it easier to find our feet. It’s such a magical space – it’s impossible to really sum it up in words… Just one of those things you need to experience!

Who would you include in your ideal We Love… line – up and why?

I think Mark Broadbent clambered inside our brains and booked most of them for this season! The Chemical Brothers DJ sets are always really special, so we’d almost certainly include them. Other than that the Dirtybird; Claude, Eats & Justin would all feature – and they’re playing We Love in September so that’s going to be really cool. People like Behling & Simpson on Futureboogie, who make wicked low-slung, low tempo R&B tinged house, a new signing on our label Hot Since 82 and Miguel Campbell would all be amazing at Space – as would the likes of Waifs & Strays, Maxxi Soundsystem and Disclosure. I know Daft Punk DJed at Space back in the Homework days – I’d give my right arm to have been there for that! From a live perspective we’d need to get Parliament on board too!

What was your first experience of Ibiza? Has the way you feel about it changed since then?

Jay: My first experience was back in the early 00′s. We had a shit hotel, we didn’t know how to get anywhere and hardly knew anyone on the island. We still found our way to Space and Amnesia though. I specifically remember seeing people sucking on balloons and having no idea what the hell they were doing…. I soon found out though – 20 seconds of satanic reverberations and feeling like the world was about to end! By the following Summer we’d sussed it all out, got a villa, went to DC10 for the first time and it was all downhill from there. I can genuinely say I love it as much now as I ever did – whenever I’m in the pub with my friends the conversation almost always ends up Ibiza related. So many good times!

Andy: Being a bit younger than Jay, it was a bit later that I first went out. I was lucky in that I had a bunch of friends living out there or that had been quite a few times, so we were set up pretty nicely. Loads of great memories, from hanging by the pool, drinks in Ibiza Town and club-hopping around the Island. There is no better place for house music, it’s that simple!

What are you looking forward to for the 2012 season? Are there any rising talents we should be looking out for?

There are a load of fresh faces joining the We Love family, we’re looking forward to a friend of ours popping his Ibiza cherry, Eats Everything. He’s had such a huge year, it’s wicked he’ll be joining the fold. We’re big fans of Midland, his EP on Will Saul’s label has been a mainstay in radio shows over the past few months. Deetron & Crazy P are great too. It’s wicked news that The 2Bears will be joining We Love this year. We hosted the Red Room at Space for Radio 1 Weekend last year, with The 2Bears, Jamie Jones, TEED and ourselves playing – never sweated so much in our lives!

Other than Space, what are your favourite Ibiza spots for:

- Breakfast – This is a trick question… everyone knows there’s no such thing as breakfast in Ibiza. Unless you’re in the airport & it involves an incredibly dry salami baguette. (When will Ibiza airport catch up with the rest of the world!)

- Beach – I think it’s called Es Xarcu. It was a total nightmare to get to but once you got there it felt like you’d discovered another world. Flipped a quad bike coming back. Not such a good idea.

- Drinks – We tend to spend a lot of time at Sands. Cool staff, great cocktails, lovely food and a short walk from Space

And lastly, trunks or speedos?

Andy – Speedos, keeping it sexy

Jay – Armbands

You can catch Jaymo & Andy George on the We Love… Space Sunset Terrace on Sunday:
June 10th (Opening)
June 24th
July 8th
August 12th
September 9th
September 30th (Closing)

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