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As you are all aware, we here at We Love… strive to break boundaries and bring you, the discerning clubber, a more well-rounded experience whilst visiting this magical island.

With this in mind, we present to you the Bloop Festival 2012. This collaboration between art and music makes total sense to us here at We Love… HQ, as stepping beyond our musical remit in the name of showing exactly what Ibiza is capable of is something we aim to do well.

Bloop Festival is an organisation which is endeavouring to communicate a message through interactive art installations – its aim being to give further platforms to help people understand everything that the island of Ibiza has to offer.

Between the 15th July and 31st August 2012, 40 International artists will converge on the island to bring it to life with shows, installations, video projections, video mapping, wall painting, artistic performances, live musicals, workshops, shows, events and parties. The festival is completely free of charge and open to the public, taking place all across the island and this year Bloop have chosen to work with We Love… Space as their exclusive musical partners. With We Love… known around the world for presenting the cutting edge of talent in techno, house and electronica, it will be a true meeting of minds with Bloop, who will utilise the whole island as a canvas to express their message.

The collaborations with We Love…will be taking place at Space as well as satellite events in Sa Punta Des Moli, the Old Lighthouse San Antonio, and Faro, San Antonio for sunset. Full dates and locations below.

We love @ Bloop | Bloop @ we love

Sunday – 15th July
We Love…@ Bloop Festival S.Antonio – Faro, San Antonio. Earl Gateshead, Matty J & Ben Terry

Sunday – 22nd July Bloop @ We Love…: Art Installation / Video / Performance

Sunday – 29th July
We Love…@ Bloop Festival S.Antonio – Sa Punta Des Moli’, San Antonio Matty J & Ben Terry

Sunday – 12th August SPACE BIRTHDAY! We Love…@ Bloop Festival S.Antony – Old Light House – Sunset, San Antonio

Digital Genetic Pasta Bloop@ We Love… – We Love… Space- Discoteca Digital Genetic Pasta / Interactive Art And Music Show

Sunday -19th August Bloop @ We Love…: Art Installation / Video / Performance

Sunday – 26th August We Love…@ Bloop Festival S.Antonio – Faro – Sunset. Alfredo & Jaime Fiorito


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  1. felixtroy says:

    fucking ace….

  2. admin says:

    So very proud of this project!

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